Carsons Cans portable toilet program follows NIFA (National Institute of Food and Agriculture) guidelines for GAP compliant transportable sanitary stations with OSHA guidelines for Good Agricultural Practice, making field work safe.

Portable Potty Can Features include: 
- Maximum ventilation 
- Roomy interior 
- Anti-slip floor surface for improved safety 
- Secure occupancy signal "in-use" notification latch 
- Tissue rolls 
- Hand sanitizer dispenser 
- Standard splash guard stand-over urinal 
- Sanitary seat deck and floor design 
- Translucent roof for better lighting 
Note - Handicap portable toilets and wash stations available upon request

Making field work safe.



Get compliant and stay safe with Carson's Cans' portable toilets and wash stations that meet the highest standards of safety and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Our products are specially designed to ensure the health and safety of farm workers, while also providing a secure environment for your agricultural business.



Safety is our priority

At Carsons Cans, LLC, safety is our number one priority. Our portable toilets and wash stations are designed with strict adherence to OSHA guidelines and GAP standards, so you can be sure that your farm workers will have a safe environment in which to work.



High quality sanitation options

We offer a range of high-quality sanitation products that are designed to accommodate field workers in areas where human waste may be present. Our portables toilets and wash stations are easy to install and maintain, making them perfect for any agricultural operation.



Microbial Hazards Reduction

Our sanitation products help reduce the risk of microbial hazards, such as E. coli, Salmonella, Norovirus, and other potentially harmful bacteria. With our products in place, you can rest assured that your farm workers will be protected from these dangers while they work in the field.

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